Valves Services - Score Valves (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited

This specialist service offered by Score Valves (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited provides clients with a complete package of valve, interface drive, actuator, and control systems. Valves and actuators from all manufacturers and of all types are processed by us.

Score Valve's team of specialist engineers are experienced in designing and developing valve and actuation packages for critical applications in harsh environments.

In designing the package, our engineers consider as appropriate:

  • Process and operational conditions
  • Redesign of valve drive chain to suit safety-critical applications
  • Sizing of actuator to valve to give reliable operation over extended service life
  • Upgrading of actuators to incorporate special features giving increased protection of pipeline systems.

Design methods developed by Score Valves ensure that a valve is capable of accommodating the full actuator output without sustaining any damage to the valve or actuator parts, for any part of the actuator stroke.