Condition Monitoring - Score Valves (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited

Control Valve Diagnostics

Over 60% of all installed control valves have performance problems. Most of these problems can be rectified without removing the valves from the process line. For years, industry has recognised the value of effective preventative and predictive maintenance programs. Significant time and cost savings can be realised if control valve problems are detected and corrected early.

Score Valve (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited's cost effective and cost efficient diagnostics enables maintenance resources to be targeted at real problem areas. Pioneered by Score Group Limited, the technology Valve Leak Detection Using Acoustic Emissions (AE) has generated proven cost savings for valve owners worldwide.

Use of this truly non-invasive technique eliminates production downtime while ensuring critical safety and production elements meet their required performance standards.

Score has demonstrated quantifiable business results with ongoing savings of $millions for all operators who adopt this system.

Additional monitoring services also include: