Treatment Services - Score Valves (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited

The expertise built up over 50 years has made Score Valves (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited a specialist in the application of hard chrome, sulphamate nickel plate and electroless nickel plate. However we have since evolved and can now provide many other services, other than electroplating.


The credible alternative to Tungsten Carbide. Hyc20 is a Silicon Carbide Coating within a dense hardened Electroless Nickel Matrix and has a slightly darker appearance than that of Electroless Nickel Plate.

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Hycrome have extensive grinding and plating capacities for balls and large cylindrical components, offering newly developed composite coatings of ceramic/chrome and Nickel Carbides, resulting in maximum wear and corrosion protective properties.

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Protective Treatments

Protective treatments used by Score Valves include:

  • Fine Tolerance
  • Hyc20
  • Highest Quality
  • Aerospace Anodising and Painting

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Shot Peening

Our peening facilities provide processing capabilities for shot peening components of many shapes, sizes and materials under strictly controlled conditions.

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